Test 1.2

"Excuse me, who does this suitcase __________ ? We do not want to evacuate the hotel.

"Please ____________ the contract before you sign".

When go to an exhibition you _________ to find the best deal for your company.

"Don't _________ Gal, I will _______ with you to Italy.

Breakfast is the first _______ of theday, and I love to drink my _________ then.

I like to eat fried eggs for breakfast with _________, I always have coffee after breakfast and use a _______ to stir.

There aer three main ________ during the day.

The _________ I use to eat with are a knife, a fork and a spoon.

" Excuse me sir, may I take your order"?

Yes, I would like a steak please without _________.

When I sit at a good restaurant, there should be a __________ on the table first.

"I would like to order a __________ .

I usually use a ________ and not my shirt to clean my mouth after eating.

The best part of the meal is ________ .

"Could you please ________ me the ______ .

I usually pay with my _______ .

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Level - Beginners
Fill in the correct word or words in the sentence. Most of the vocabulary used is about food, meals and utensils. Sentences and words we would use in a restaurant, hotel dining room or lobby. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks to my students who learn and need to practice their vocabulary.

David Dubb
Experienced ESL and High school English teacher.
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