Pre-Assessment Practical Nursing-NCLEX Style Exam Online Test

A client informs the nurse during the hospital admission assessment that he does not have an Advance Directive, but designates his daughter to make health care decisions in the event that he becomes incapacitated or unable to make informed decisions. Which nursing actions is most appropriate for this client?

The nurse is helping a client to bed when the client begins having a generalized seizure. Which action should the nurse take first:

A client's echocardiogram indicates vegetation on the heart valves. The nurse knows that the vegetation may be caused by which condition?

The nurse changes a wet-to-dry dressing for a client who has a pressure ulcer to the buttock, that is infected with necrotic tissue. The nurse knows the purpose of the wet-to-dry dressing is to:

The nurse is caring for a client who is receiving intravenous conscious sedation. Which is the nurse's priority action:

A client is diagnosed with malnutrition secondary to cirrhosis. Which laboratory study supports a diagnosis of malnutrition:

A key nursing task is to administer injections to clients. This requires the nurse's knowledge of needle sizes and lenghts. Which needle size is the largest:

The nurse prepares to administer a subcutaneous injection of 0.3 mL of epinephrine to a client. Which syringe should the nurse use:

Which nursing action helps to prevent the occurrence of phlebitis due to intravenous line insertion:

A client involved in a major vehicle accident has type O blood. Which blood types can this client receive:

When meperidine (Demorol) is used too often for chronic pain, a metabolite known as normeperidine can build up in the body. The nurse knows that one of the effects of this metabolite is:

The nurse is concerned that an elderly home care client may overdose on prescribed opiod analgesics. Which set of symptoms indicate the classic triad of opiate overdose:

A client with a closed head injury request pain medication for an headache. Which medication is most likely contraindicated in this client:

A client experiences an opioid overdose. Which medication antagonizes the effects of opioids:

A client who receives total parenteral nutrition (TPN) will most likely require which medication on a routine basis:

Partial parenteral nutrition (PPN) should not be implemented in a client with:

The nurse instructs the client on how to perform foot pumps( extension and flexion of the foot at the ankle). The nurse knows that contracting the leg muscles helps to prevent which post-operative complication:

A client is admitted to the hospital with a decubitus ulcer in the sacral area. The client is bedridden and refuses to eat. The nurse realizes that the client is at risk for which complication:

A client has a nasogastric (NG) tube placed after abdominal surgery. Which finding indicates that the NG tube may be removed:

Which chronic complications are associated with diabetes mellitus:

A client status post cholecystectomy has a T-tube placed during the surgery. Which action should the nurse take when caring for the T-tube:

The nurse cares for a client post-thyroidectomy. The nurse notice the client experiencing muscle twitching. The client further complains of numbness and tingling of the mouth and fingertips. The nurse suspects which electrolyte imbalances:

A client's platelet count is 70,000/mm. The nurse instructs the client to:

Nurses work with dying clients and their families every day. The needs of these families and the dying clients are:

The nurse should communicate the news about the death of a client to the family:

Which quality is essential for a nurse to be an effective spiritual care provider:

A nurse who works on an oncology unit notices a respiratory technician (RT) carry a baby down the hallway. The nurse should:

The nurse is preparing the client for a lumbar puncture. Which position is appropriate for the client:

When drawing blood from a central venous access device, how many milliters of blood should the nurse discard before drawing the laboratory specimen:

The parent of a 5-year-old ask the nurse if the child is old enough to ride in the front passenger seat of the car. The nurse should recommend which of the following:


Pre-Assessment NCLEX style exam is prepared by skilled and highly trained Nurse Educators. The Pre-Assessment NCLEX-PN mock exam will be taken to assess the client readiness to sit for the NCLEX Board Approved Nursing Exam.



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