Spotting Errors Online Test

1. There were marks on the snow but it were unrecognizable.

2. He lead me to the rear of the shop where more goods were stacked

3. The branch struck him hard and ____ him unconscious

4. The sudden noise frightened the baby, ___ her ___ cry.

5. The dog wagged ___ tail when it saw me approaching

6. There ____ signs of neglect showing that no one was living there

7. After a few ______, the woman opened the window and looked out curiously.

8. Can you write an article to be ________ in the next issue of the magazine ?

9. ________ to leave, __ packed my clothes and left a note to say I had gone.

10. One of the former students _____ a large sum of money to the school

11. The fire spread quickly, _______ three houses within minutes.

12. She crossed the road without looking and was ________ down by a car

13. He got out of the car, then he _______ it and walked to the office.

14. I hope you ______ kindly consider my application for a job ___ your company

15. If I _____ known it was going to rain like this, I ______ have stayed at home

16. In my opinion advertisements _____ more harmful_____ beneficial

17. The crowd was_____and I _____ no difficulty in getting a good seat.

18. Mrs. Salmah bought ______ lot of furniture at the sale for her new house.

19. If you go I'm sure you will _____ it enjoyable.

20. Would you mind ______ with me to the hospital ?

21. I _____ at Semantan Street yesterday.

22. About half past nine we _____ the destination.

23. We _____ a lot of noise among the jungle the previous night.

24. We came out ____ the tree when it was safe.

25. They _____ the family for helping them.

26. I screamed loudly____ him.

27. She _____ the best of us.

28. Parents need to spend more time_____their children.

29. They are able to concentrate ___their work.

30. They spend more time -----caring for others


Activity to enhance the Grammar of Individuals- Spot the error in each of the following sentences and correct it


Nitisha Sharma

his secetary told me that she was unable to tell us when her boss would return back from his work. spot the error

1039 days 23 hours 28 minutes ago

Test: 1

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