GK Quiz for Banking Exam 12th level Online Test

The division of products into several homogeneous groups, on the basis of their common characteristics is called

Cross-selling refers to

What is param padam?

According to UNICEF's latest report on children, how many Indian infants die every year?

How many Indian airports have been included in the top five in the latest Forbes list of the most delayed arrival airports in the world for 2008?

For which aircraft has India done its biggest ever defence dealwith USA?

Which of the following is not a part of the capital markiting ?

Microsoft on july 16, 2012 unveiled the next generation office software (MS 2013) for people using tablets or smartphones to access.


if you want to prepare for banking exam then try these question
in this test you solve only impotent GK related to banking exam.
IN BANKING exam it is very impotent you aware about current topics. in banking exam only main part of the GK is banking current GK so it is important all the student know about current banking GK


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