Java Programming Online Test

Which of the following method in multi threaded programming tells the calling thread to give up the monitor and go to sleep?

Which of the following stream class in JAVA is a byte stream class that supports input stream having combination of two or more input streams that will be readed sequentially?

Which of the following stream class in JAVA is a character stream that abstracts class which describes character stream input?

Which of the following method in string class searches for the first occurrence of a character or substring?

Which of thw following method in string class returns a copy of the invoking string from which leading and trailing whitespace can be removed?


Advanced java programming which is effectively being used in internet programming for constructing platform independent and easily understandable programs.The java collections framework standardizes the way in which groups of objects are handled by our programs.The collection framework was designed to meet several goals. First, the framework had to be high performance . The implementations for the the fundamental collections are highly efficient.


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