Vocabulary Test 1.1

I paid three visits to my parents this week. In other words, I visted my parents ______________ this week.

In the tennis competition I was number one. I came _______ .

I have attempted this test twice, this is my _________ attempt.

I spent all my money on a new TV set, that was a _______ .

I tried very hard to pass the test. I will _________ it again next month.

I made the ________ decision by leaving my job.

I have been studying English ___________ I was twelve.

My brother goes to school everyday, _____ likes it very much.

My mother is a great cook, ________ makes the _________ pizza.

The children love the sweet shop, ________ parents don't.

I have a small dog, _____ is _________ .

This is my brother's pen, it is ______ .

My sister's boyfriend is famous, he is a ________ in a band.

The car is _________ for our big family.

Yesterday I ________ my bicycle, today I will ________ my motorbike.

I always _______ my car to work, yesterday I ________ my son's car to work.

I need to _______ the movie ______ a school project.

I must ________ you this cool photo of my grandchild.

I have four ___________ from work, and we are going out tonight.

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Test your vocabulary and find the correct word or phrase for each sentence. You will have between 3 and 5 choices. This test is not time limited, and you can attempt the test as many times as you wish. I would appreciate feedback from you please. Good Luck!

David Dubb
Experienced ESL and High school English teacher.
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