Eamcet Botany Online Test

1. Study the following lists and identify the correct match.

List – I List – II


The oldest book on

Agriculture I) Robert Hooke

B) Micrographia II) Camerarius

C) Description of sexual

reproduction in plants III)Van Leeuwenhoek

D) Role of chromosomes

in heredity IV)Parasara

V) Sutton and Boveri

1. In Duranta the nature of vascularised defensive structures represent the

modifications of

The aerial short and branched roots of an autotrophic plant that provide stability

are known as

[A] : All roots are positively geotropic.

[R] : Respiratory roots are achlorophyllous.

One of the following plants develops parasitic roots at its earlier stages and later

becomes autotrophic

Arrange the following modified stems in a sequence of positively geotropic to

negatively geotropic growth patterns

i) Modified stem of Curcuma

ii) Modified stem of Amorphophallus

iii) Modified stem of Stachys tubifera

iv) Modified stem of Mentha arvensis

Thirty seeds each of Dolichos, Pisum and Maize are kept for germination in the soil.

How many cotyledons are found above the soil and below the soil respectively when

all the seeds germinate?

1. Fibrous thickenings of Endothecium of microsporangium are chemically made of

2. All the nuclei of embryosac do not have same genetic constitution in

i) Polygonum ii) Allium iii) Peparomia iv) Fritillaria

2. Which one shows the correct descending sequence with reference to the number of



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more questions please

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hi this is a new joiner aishwarya.can you give 2nd year botany questions for me.because i didnt yet started 1st year subjects .give questions according to comming 2016 question paer type.

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