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Nurse Jones writes on the chart of Bob Miller, the patient admitted last night for GI Bleed; that his nurse did not take great care of him last night on the 7p-7a shift. Nurse Jones is quilty of which of the following:

Nurse Jones is caring for a patient who is scheduled for minor surgery in the afternoon. The client ask Nurse Jones "Do you think that I'm going to die during the surgery?" The nurse's best response would be which of the following:

The nurse recognizes that the rehabilitation facility has met its obligation to the client when which of the following goals is met:

Which of the following does the nurse define as a Primary care services:

The nurse is working with a 5-year-old child who has a Respiratory infection. The nurse teaches the child to use a tissue and cover the mouth when coughing in order to break what link in the the chain of infection:

The nurse teaching a class for staff members in a long-term care facility is discussing loss, grief and death. One of the staff members asks, "What is the difference between loss and grief?' Which of the following best answers the question and provides education to the staff member:

The nurse is working with a client who has recently been diagnosed with Hypertension. Which of the following would be most therapeutic response:

The nurse is reviewing the client's chart and identifing interventions based on Florence Nightingale's Theory of Nursing. Which of the following would the nurse indentify as components of Nightingale's theory of Nursing? Select all that apply:

The nurse caring for a client recently transfered from ICU, who is experiencing ICU Psychosis is asked by the spouse what types of accpmmodations will need to be made after discharge to deal with the client's bizarre behaviors. Which of the following nursing responses is most appropriate answer to provide to the spouse:

Which of the following does the nurse define as a Secondary Care Service: Select all that apply.

The nurse is preparing to meet a client for the frist time to teach about home ostomy management. Prior to meeting the client, what information will the nurse want to gather in order to individualize the teaching plan: Select all that apply.

The nurse plans to teach a client about blood glucose monitoring using a Behavioristic approach. Which of the following techniques would the nurse use when modeling Behaviorism:

the nurse is preparing to teach a client who works as a college professor at the local university, and plans to use a cognitive approach. Which of the following strategies displays this approach:

The nurse is teaching the Diabetic client how to change a dressing on the foot in preparation for discharge. The nurse concludes that the client understand teaching when the client does which of the following:

The nurse is teaching the clien about the proper way to take the prescribed antibiotics at home. The nurse concludes that the client needs further instruction if the client states which of the following:

When admitting a 2 1/2-year-old child, the nurse's priority intervention to reduce anxiety would not be which of the following:

The nursing supervisor would evaluate that a nurse had introduced the idea of termination of the therapeutic nurse-client relationship at the best time if the nurse discussed termination with the client at which of the following times:

While the nurse is collecting data on a client admitted for diagnostic testing secondary to gastric distess, the client states "I am entirely too important to be cared for by the likes of you. Please get the nurse manager to provide my care. "The nurse suspects which of the following:

A nurse is assessing a client who is 24 hours postgastrointestinal (GI) hemorrhage. The assessment findings include blood urea nitrogen (BUN) of 40 mg/dL and serum creatinine of 0.8mg/dL. After reviewing the assessment findings, the nurse should:

During a hospital admission history, a nurse suspects gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) when the clients states:

The serum ammonia level of a client with Cirrhosis is elevated. As a priority, a nurse should plan to:

For which associated complication should a nurse monitor the client experiencing Guillain-Barre' syndrome:

A client is hospitalized with a diagnosis of Meningococcal Meningitis. The client is at risk for the complication of Septic Emboli. Which intervention by the nurse directly address this risk:

During the hospital admission history, a nurse suspects irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) when the client says:

A 68-year-old male has been admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain, anemia and bloody stools. He complains of feeling weak and dizzy. He has rectal pressure and needs to urinate and move his bowels. The nurse should:

A health-care provider writes the following admission orders for a client with possible Appendicitis. Which order should the nurse question:

A client has undergone a lumbar laminectomy with spinal fusion 12 hours earlier. Which assessment findings should indicate to a nurse that the client has a leakage of cerebrospinal fluid:

A client is admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) because of an leaking cerebral aneurysm. A family member asks a nurse why the client is awakened and questioned about orientation so frequently when he needs to rest. The nurse answers the family member based on knowledge that the earliest sign of Increased Intracranial Pressure (ICP) is:

The nurse, caring for a client with a diagnosis of Addison's disease, recognizes which of the following as a priority goal for this client:

The client is admitted with unusual symtoms that have not yet been diagnosed. When providing care for this client, the nurse plans to do which of the following to meet the client's psychosocial needs:


Pre-Assessment NCLEX style exam is prepared by skilled and highly trained Nurse Educators. The Pre-Assessment NCLEX style exam will be taken to assess the client readiness to sit for the NCLEX Board Approved Nursing Exam.

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