Financial Terminology - lecture 8A Online Test

Which of the following is a Negotiable Instrument ?

What is meant by Account Payee Crossing?

Which among the following persons can cross a cheque?

What is Allonge?

a) It is a piece of paper for making endorsements

b) It is a piece of paper attached to a negotiable instrument for making further endorsement

c) None of these

When a mutilated cheque is presented for payment, the paying banker can make payment provided:

What is a Stale cheque?

What is a post dated cheque?

When a cheque is dishonoured for insufficient funds, under NI Act is treated as:

What is Cheque Bouncing?

Bouncing of cheque for the reason 'Insuffieciency of Funds' is punishable under ?


The test will have questions about Cheques, Bouncing of cheque and Standard format of cheques recently introduced by RBI. The test is elementary and will be useful for those appearing for the Bank entrance and similar exams like SSC.
Attempt the questions in one go and find out the answers. The questions are mainly based on contents delivered during the lecture. number - Financial Terminology - 8.

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