Acid, Base and salts MCQ Test For Class 10

Human saliva (after meals) is _______ in nature.

Guard tube containing anhydrous calcium chloride is used to

In which one of the following solutions the bulb will not glow when electric current is passed through it?

Name the acid released when an ant bites.

Name the hardest substance present in the human body.

Sometimes chlorine gas is passed through water for purification. What will be the pHof such a sample of water?

Antacids are used to get relief from

Name the gas released when solid NaCl is allowed to react with concentrated H2SO4.

Name the gas released when metals are allowed to react with dilute acids.

Which one of the following will not turn blue litmus red?


FREE online interactive quizzes on chemistry - Quiz Activities, for Acid, Base and salts chapter multiple choice question Test For Class 10 students..Wish you all the best
An Acid is a substance that gives H+ ions when dissolved in water
A Base is a substance that gives OH- ions when dissolved in water
A Salt results when an acid reacts with a base

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