Sanction of loan to an individual customer is part of which type of activity?

Request of a customer for sanction of a car loan will be part of which type of banking?

The Banker approaches a high net worth person and he has agreed to pen a a savings bank account. This is part of ______ banking ?

A large company has apprached the bank to open a Current Accoutn witht he Bank and it will be known as part of ________ Banking.

Universal Banking means sanctioning small loans only tho the bank customers?

Under concept of Narrow banking, te banks are expected to accept deposits only. True of false?

Only Development Banks like SIDBI and IFCI make long term advances, while the commercial banks only sanction short term loans. True or false?

Under Islamic Banking, the banks are allowed to pay interest on deposits and charge interest on advances. True or false?

Under islamic Banking, the banks are allowed to charge interest on advances, but the interest on deposits is not paid to the customer. True or false?

Under Islamic banking, neither interest is paid nor interest is charged to the customer. True of False?

Sale of Insurance products by Banks is known as ________ ?

Sale of non banking products by banks is known as _______ ?

When a customer visits the bank to operate his savings bank account and he is asked by the banker to avail of vehicle loan from the bank, is part of activity which is known as ____________ ?

Merchant Banking means ___________ ?

Insurance products being sold by banks are regulated by _________ ?


Segmentation of customers and their different needs
Concept of Narrow Banking as well as Universal Banking
Cross Selling and para banking
Merchant Banking

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