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(a,4), (b,3), (c,5), (d,6)
(a,4), (b,3), (c,2), (d,1)
(a,1), (b,2), (c,3), (d,4)
(a,3), (b,2), (c,4), (d,1)
(a,4), (b, 3), (c,1), (d,2)
(a,4), (b,3), (c,2), (d,1)
(a,1), (b,2), (c,3), (d,4)
(a,3), (b,2), (c,4), (d,1)
Auto collimeter is used for ………measurement
A master gauge is used to measure/check
The gear eccentricity
The cylindrical bores
The dominant direction of tool marks
The accuracy of gauges used on shop floors
Which of the following devices is used for precise measurements of all the thread characteristics?
Tool room microscope
Optical projector
Gear tooth vernier
A thread micrometer is used to measure the …….diameter of the thread
Identify the device to be used to check the profile of a gear tooth.
Sine bar
Bench micrometer
Optical projector
Geat tooth vernier
A comparator for its working depends on
Optical devices
Accurately calibrated scale
Comparison with standard
Accurate micrometer gauge
The standard length in a sine bar is measured
Between the centres of two rollers
Between inner circumference of two rollers
Between outer circumference of two rollers
Form edge to edge
Which aspect is used to specify a sine bar?
The size of the rollers
The centre distance between the two rollers
The distance between rollers and upper surface
Its total length
Which of the following is not associated with angle measurements
Sine bar
Bevel protractor
Angle plate
Combination square
Suggest the instrument used for accurate measurement of external taper
Dial gauge
Sine bar and slip gauges
Combination set
The thickness of clearance can be checked by
Surface gauge
Feeler gauge
Dial gauge
Optical flot
Gear tooth vernier is used to measure ……….of tooth
Pitch line thickness
Addendum and dedendum
Circular pitch
The diameter of a round bar with close tolerances is quickly measured by
Slip gauge
External micrometer
Vernier caliper
Snap gauge
The surface roughness on a drawing is represented by
Zig-zag lines
The C.L.A. value is associated with
Fineness of an abrasive for grinding wheel
Sharpness of a tool edge
Anelastic behaviour of material
Surface roughness
Tomlinson recorder is an instrument used for the measurement of surface………..
Identify the instrument used for surface roughness measurements
Optical square
Clinometer is an instrument concened with
Surface roughness
All of the followings are direct reading type measuring instrument except one. Identify that:
Vernier caliper
Dial gauge
Bevel protector
Telescopic gauge
Mark the odd one out
Bevel protector
Straight edge
Sine bar
Combination set
Which one of the following is not a prt of micrometer?
Normal set and special set of special gauges (in mm) consist of
45 and 87 slip gauges
47 and 87 slip gauges
45 and 85 slip gauges
47 and 85 slip gauges
Which one of the followings is a wrong statement?
Wavelength standard is a physical one
Wavelength standard may be accepted as ultimate
Cadmium 114, krypton 87 and mercury are possible sources of radiation of wavelength standards
Wavelength standards can be reproduced to an accuracy of about one part in 109
Metre is defined as distance between the centre portion of two lines engraved on polished surface of a bar of
90% platinum an 10% iridium at 15 oC
90% platinum and 10 irridium at 0 oC
75% platinum and 25% iridium at 15 oC
75% platinum and 25% iridium at 0 oC
Consider the following statements: For defining length, the standard generally used is end standard bar standard light wavelength standards Which of these statements is correct?
1 and 2
2 and 3
1 and 3
1, 2 and 3
All of the following devices can be used for testing the straightness of a surface, except
Optical gauge
Spirit level
Auto collimator
Beam comparator
Which of the following instrument is used to determine whether a work piece has been accurately centred or not in an independent chuck?
Surface gauge
Height gauge
Angel plate
Dial indicator
The marking of circular scale in a micrometer secrew gauge is done on
Which component serves to maintain a uniform measuring pressure in a micrometer secrew gauge?
Ratchet screw
Optical gauge works on the principle of …….of light rays
Identify the purpose of adjusting nut in a micrometer screw gauge
To take care of backlash
To account for zero error
To compensate for wear between screw and nut
To maintain uniform and sufficient measuring pressure
Consider a varnier caliper having 25 divisions on vernier scale matching with 24 divisions on main scale. If 1 main scale division=0.5 mm, the caliper will have a least count equal to
0.001 mm
0.01 mm
0.02 mm
0.05 mm
The thickness of oil film at the surface of slip gauges is of the order of
10 microns
1 micron
0.1 micron
0.05 micron
Which process is used to join two slip gauges in the act of precision measurement?
The term wringing is associated with
Slip gauges
Rack and pinion
Shanks and collets of a drill
Angular measuring instruments
Choose the wrong statement:
There is no need of cooling water in the froude’s absorption dynamometer
The prony brake is much steadier in operation than the rope brake dynamometer
The electric caradled dynamometer can be used as a driving as well as absorption dynamometer
The brake tare refers to the scale reading with zero torque on the brake
A kentometer is an instrument used for the measurement of
Mass density
Surface temperature of a solid
Vacuum pressure ina condenser
Kinetic energy of bodies in motion
A rotameter is used to measure
Rotational speed of a shaft
Kinetic energy of bodies in motion
Twist produced I a shaft subjected to torque
Flow of liquids
A bolometer is
An instrument to measure the flow of liquids through a pipe line
A resistance thermometer used for the measurement of thermal radiation
A device used for the measurement of thermal conductivity
An instrument to record variation in atmospheric pressure
Orsat apparatus is used for the estimation of
Mass flow of flue gases
Density of smoke of the flue gases
Volumetric analysis of flue gases
Gravimetric analysis of flue gases
The amount of moisture in air can be measured by
Mass spectrometer
Sling psychrometer
A mcleod gauge issued to measure
Discharge through a river
Diameter of fine paricles
The acidity/alkanity of a solution
Vacuum pressure
Match the following: (a) pH meter (b) hygrometer (c) odometer (d) dilatometer instrument that indicates the distances converd by an auromobile 2.a device used to measure the contraction or expansion of a substance due to changes in temperature measure the acidity or alkanity of a solution measure the water vapour content of air
(a,3), (b,4), (c,1), (d,2)
(a,4), (b,3), (c,2), (d,1)
(a,1), (b,2), (c,3), (d,4)
(a,3), (b,2), (c,4), (d,1)
Which of the following gauges is used for chacking the occuracy of calipers, dial indicators, micrometers etc.
Identify the measuring instrument that incorporates all the features of try square, bevel protractor, ruler and scriber
Combination set
Depth gauge micrometer
Surface plate
V-block is used in a workshop to check
Dimensation of an oval job
Roundness of a cylindrical block
Taper on a job
Angularity of job from vertical position
Suggest the gauge to be used for checking the diameter of holes in the workpeices.
Screw gauge
Swap gauge
Plug gauge
Ring gauge
A surface gauge is used to
Layout the work accurately
Level the surface plate
Find the flatness of surfaces
Check the surface finish

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