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Formulate the objective function and the constraints for a situation in which a company seeks to minimize the total cost of materials A and B. The per pound cost of A is Rs.25 and B, Rs.10. The two materials are combined to form a product that must weigh 50 pounds. At least 20 pounds of A and no more than 40 pounds of B can be used.

Cyclical variation, as a component of time series, tends to oscillate above and below the secular trend line for how much time period:

If the value of correlation is equal to -1, ____

Which of the following statement is correct:

XYZ purchased machinery of Rs.100000. Rate of depreciation is 10%. What is average rate of depreciation?

Simple rate of interest or flat rate of interest is the amount of interest which is paid every year as a _____ of the amount borrowed:

Which of the following describes the term gross domestic product (GDP) appropriately:

Which of the following does not match:

Which is the correct sequence of business phases:

Which of the following is known as Core Inflation?


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