Math Online Test

True or False:

22+49 is 98


Sally had two blue marbles and John had 10 marbles. How many marbles would they both have to make it equal? If John gave sally some so they would both have the same amount have many marbles would they both have to make it equal?

If we had four greens and two blues in a bag and the class were to pick one color which color is most likely to be picked?

I had gave 2 cookies to Madison and I had 11 how may do I have left?

Gabby walked 2 miles and the next day 4 the next day 6 can you guess how many miles the day after that?



This test helps fill yor brain with brand new ideas and problems you have never tryed before. I am a tutor at my school and I enjoy watch kids smile doing math. It may not be fun when you think about it but trust me if you at least try then you will start to love math. I just know it. This is a great oppratunity to watch your kids have a big smile on their face. It will be so big it will be stuck like that. This test is a great way to study for fourth grade.




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