Algebra Test


Evaluate algebraic expression for the given value x = 10

Evaluate algebraic expression 6x-y for the given values x=3 and y=8

Evaluate algebraic expression for the given values of x = 3 and y = 4

8x - y

N stands for the number of stamps John had. He gave 12 stamps to his sister. Which expression tells how many stamps John has now?

3 times the quantity m minus 7

1. 3(m-7)

2. 3 x m-7

3. 3-m

4. 3 x m7

-4(a + 3)

Expand 6x - 12

What is the solution to the expression 3x + 4 when x = 6

simplify the expression



If x = 4 the find the value of


1. 360

2. -120

3. 75

4. 120


It is a Simple test to check your knowledge in algebra. Those who cant do this don't get panic . there will be an algebra class for you on August 3rd at 10.00am (CST). In that class along with explaining algebra, we will work out this questions. All your doubts in algebra will be cleared in that class. Not only algebra, there will be classes in trignometry, calculas etc


Nilck Nik

Wtf this Math makes no scene. The math docent equate how do you do this? I mean how would you solve this X=3 and y=48x-y I got to 144-y after that it makes no scene
and i dont know grammer

3099 days 26 minutes ago

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