Language and Communication Skills Tips for Parents and Caregivers Online Test

Identify four stages of Parenthood that correspond to the early years of childhood

How do infants from Birth to three communicate?

When the child cries,fusses,look away or moves away

How old is the child when he/she reponds to " No"

At what age can you expect that a child will prefer siblings and parents to other people

Do all babies teeth before 12 months

Idenify somet toys that would be most appropriate for the child 3 months to 8 months

What message is the child sending when he/she looks at somone or somthing, reaches out to that person or thing, makes a variety of sounds

What message is a child sending when he/she rocks back and forth and repeats soem words

How old is the child when he/she babbles wiht inflection?


These questions are for individuals to use as part of their self assessment. These questions will only address the material used during session one.
It will focus on the stages of parenting, the development of language and how the behavior of the child is interpreted by the adults around them. Participants will be able to address the stages of language development.



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