C C++ Quiz ( By Aslam Jainul ) Online Test

You must specify void in parameters if a function does not have any arguments.

Overloaded functions are

In case of pass by reference

Study the following piece of code and choose the best answer

int x=5, y=3, z;


Which of the following is not a jump statement in C++ ?

On combining the following statements, you will get



How long the following program will run?


int main(){

printf("\n India Rockzzzz");


return 0;


A switch statement cannot include

Would the following program compile?


int main(){

int a=10,*j;

void *k;






If the following program (myprog) is run from the command line as:

i like love but i don't like lovers

What would be the output?


int main(int argc, char *argv[]){

while(sizeof argv)

printf("%s",argv[--sizeof argv]);

return 0;


What will be output of following c program?


int main(){

char huge * far *p;

printf("%d %d %d",sizeof(p),sizeof(*p),sizeof(**p));

return 0;


_____ can be used as a variable number of parameters or a variable which stores variable number of arguments.

What would be the output of the following program?


int main(){

int y=128;

const int x=y;


return 0;


Observe the following block of code and determine what happens when x=2?

switch (x){

case 1:

case 2:

case 3:

cout<< "x is 3, so jumping to third branch";

goto thirdBranch;


cout<<"x is not within the range, so need to say Thank You!";


Which of the following is false for switch statement in C++ ????

Which of the following header file does not exist ??

The size of following variable is not 4 bytes in 32 bit systems

Identify the correct statement regarding scope of variables


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