English Grammar: Relative Clauses Online Test

This is .... always happens to inexperienced skiers.

Boston, .... is situated in the USA, is her home town.

..... is the result of the exam that worries my father.

My grandmother showed me everything ..... she had collected.

She gave me everything .... I had always wished for.

It was the top drawer ..... she kept her wedding ring .....

The apples, .... were already rotten, were lying on the ground.

The man ..... I bought this machine ..... told me to oil it every day.

All the pears ..... fall are eaten by the pigs.

He refused to do it, .... annoyed the other students.

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Comma or not comma - that is the question :)
Although in this test the commas are there if they are needed but you have to do the rest of the thinking... The test also highlights a common problem with WHAT.
Relative clauses are not a very difficult area in English grammar but there are points we have to be careful with.
Level: B2
Don't hesitate, go ahead.

Rita Antal
Experienced ESL and Business English teacher
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