SQL Server DBA Test 1

Which is the first version of SQL Server?

Installation of SQL Server Can be done in which authentication mode?

What is DML stands for?

Which one is DML statement?

Which SQL Statement is used to extract the data from database?

DDL stands for?

Which one of the following is DDL?

DCL Stands for?

Which of the following is DCL?

DML is used ...

DDL is used....

DCL is used...

TCL Stands for?

TCL is used...

which of the following are SQL Server System Databases?


This gives u basic idea to test where we are as a DBA.
Each question is from different topics ..In that way we can cover all the topics from Installation ,backups,restores,File groups,Moving data between sql servers or from source to destination,log shipping,mirroring, clustering ,replication,security,performance Tuning,Monitoring.. WILL COME UP WITH DIFFERENT TEST ...





its good for beginners but post the question from level 2 dba also

1389 days 21 hours 57 minutes ago

SK 1249

Thank you so much guys for the feed back .. I will come up with some challenging questions this time .. didn't had enough time so couldn't update

1656 days 19 hours 18 minutes ago


Nice questions.. plz put much difficulty

1678 days 1 hours 50 minutes ago

Saket Bottuwar

Good questions buy post more difficult questions as Harsh Varsheny Kanha advised

2051 days 17 hours 25 minutes ago


the first MS SQL version is 7 only for those who never worked on the previous.

2386 days 16 hours 58 minutes ago

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