English Grammar: conditionals and time clauses Online Test

My wallet has disappeared. Who ... it?

As soon as you ... please give us a ring.

If you ..... in November, I'd have given you accommodation in my flat.

We'd better not call him this late, ..... ?

The workers will keep on striking until they .... a pay rise.

If Jill .... every day, she would surely pass her exam.

If only he ..... soon.

I'd have lent him my umbrella if he .... me to.

A lot of elderly people wish they ..... some sport when they were younger.

I'd rather you .... anyone.


Test your knowledge! Conditionals are not the most difficult ones in English language. However, there are some tricky areas... You can find questions about basic structures, "I wish" and other expressions in connection with conditionals, as well as sentences with time clauses.
Level: B2

Rita Antal
Experienced ESL and Business English teacher
Tests: 5

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