English grammar: tenses Online Test

Next Christmas we .... here for ten yeras.

..... a long time since I last saw you.

The school year ...... on 1. September.

I .... my next holiday in Greece.

Anna ..... her car repaired for more than four months.

I ..... her three days ago.

Tim didn't come to see the film on Tuesday beacuse he ..... it before.

By the time we arrive there, the show ....

"Jim told me yesterday that he'd found a diamond ring in his bedroom." "I'm sure he ...... your leg when he said that."

"How long ...... living here?" "Eight years."

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In English there are more time layers than for example in Hungarian where we have only three: past, present, future.
To master English tenses, we have to learn to think the way they think, which is really difficult.
Try this test about tenses. It is at B2 level.


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please provide explanations

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