Test 3 - Understanding Camera

What is irrelevancy ?

What is the distance between the camera's lens and its image sensor called?

Some digital cameras have sensors that make educated guesses when detecting colors. This is a process called:

What is the amount of time the digital camera allows light to pass through the aperture called?

Just like traditional film cameras, the small opening that allows light to pass through the lens of a digital camera is called:

What is the name of the device that changes a pixel's value into a digital value in a CCD digital camera?

What's the most common pattern of color filters found in digital cameras?

What kind of image sensor do most digital cameras use?

What two companies sold the first consumer-oriented digital cameras?

Digital images are made of tiny dots called:


This test will cover 10 questions regarding Basics of Camera, Components of a camera, Construction and working of a camera, types of camera, image sensors etc.
Time: 5 mins (30 secs for each question). Almost all Questions will be from the video tutorials.



How is the average score calculated ? If I made 6 from 10, what would be my score from your point of view ? I know just as 60%.

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It' not the camera but your artistic eyes who makes the photograph.

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