Test 2 - Basics of Photography

What is the name given to a single point in a computer graphic image?

What type of photography is Ansel Adams most famous for?

Film speed refers to:

Which of the following terms describes the device within a lens which controls the amount of a light passed by the lens?

The SLR camera is one the most popular types of camera on the market today. SLR stands for:

Which ISO will have the greatest sensitivity to light?

The Histogram

The camera sees

ISO stands for:

The color of light is measured in


This test will cover 10 questions regarding Basics of Photography, Types of Photography, Old film cameras, box cameras, Principle of Camera, Image Sensors, Film and digital cameras. Time: 5 mins (30 secs for each question). Almost all Questions will be from the video tutorials.

It' not the camera but your artistic eyes who makes the photograph.

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