Gestational Diabetes Online Test

Insulin production in the body is a function of the:

Glucose tolerance testing in pregnancy is usually done at week:

The woman who is being tested for glucose tolerance drinks:

After ingesting the drink, the pregnant woman being tested must not do any exercise until her blood is taken.. True or False

A baby who weighs more than 10 lbs would be suspected of being IGDM even if the mother tested negative on her GTT.

Poorly controlled gestational diabetes can lead to late stillbirth?

A woman who is diagnosed as GD at 28 weeks gestation would be encouraged to eat as much fruit as she likes.

If the pregnant woman has a sibling who developed diabetes at a young age, this would be a red flag for the midwife.

The GDM should be advised to adopt a "grazing" pattern of eating. Small amounts often, never stuffed, never starved.

Ketchup and relish are very high in sugar and should be avoided by the GDM.

If the woman tests positive for GD in one pregnancy, she will be considered GD in all future pregnancies?


Test yourself on the information in the Midwifery 101 class on Gestational Diabetes taught by Gloria Lemay. It's important to know how to recognize and prevent gestational diabetes when caring for pregnant women. This test is for student midwives and is best done after taking the class on WizIq.

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