The Banking regulation act came into force w.e.f?

Under Sec 5 (n) of Banking regulation act secure loans or advances mean:

Under which section of BR act 1949 a Banking company is prohibited to grant a loan or an advance against security of its own shares

Under which section of Banking regulation act 1949 every banking company has to maintain SLR

As per Sec 23(1) of BR Act 1949 a banking company is exempted from obtaining prior permission from RBI for:

As per Sec 5(f) of BR act 1949 demand liabilities mean

Every banking company is required to prepare its balance sheet and profit and loss account as on March 31 every year is prescribed in

The annual return of unclaimed deposits u/s 26 of BR Act should be submitted to RBI within the following days after close of the calender year

As per Sec 45(za) of BR Act

Banks can undertake the business of banking and 'banking' as a term has been defined under section____ of __________

On the basis of powers drawn mainly in which of the following acts, RBI regulates and controls the banks in India?

Under which Sec of BR act every banking company has to submit statement of all those accounts which are lying under inoperative category for the last 10 years to RBI

As per Sec 17 of BR act every banking company incorporated in India is required to create a reserve fund to transfer to it at least

Banks are required to preserve the old records. The rules regarding preservation are framed by central govt as per provisions of which of the following act?

Under Sec 5(a) of BR act approved securities denote

The word Banking is defined under

Under which Sec of BR act a banking company cannot hold the fixed assets for more than 7 years except for its own use

A customer wants return of his paid cheques. He can ask his bank to return him the paid instrument under

As per explanation given in sub clause of 2 (b) of Sec 35 of BR Act, inspection of branches of Indian Banks situated abroad is to be carried out by

A industires having a current account with X Bank request the bank to return them the cheque issued by them and paid by the bank during the last 6 months. Under the provisions of which of the following their request can be accepted by the bank?


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