General Awareness 4 Online Test

The Constitution describes India as a ...

Ministers may be chosen from ...

Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of ...

Which of the following has least penetrating power ?

The Himalayan mountain system belongs to which one of the following ?

Kodaikanal,the famous hill-station of South India,is situated on ..

The first Indian University opened in 1857 was in...

The founder of Boy Scouts and Civil Guides Movement in India was ...

The situation with increasing unemployment and inflation is termed as ..

Inflation is caused by as a result of ..

Companies pay Corporation Tax on their ...

Which muscle is the strongest of all in the human body ?

Which of the following carries oxygen from lungs to tissues in the body ?

Who is called the Father of English Poetry ?

Which of the following Indian artists is the winner of the Oscar Award ?

Mohiniattam is a dance form of which state in India ?

A sound that cannot be heard is ...

By what name is the Ganga known in Bangladesh ?

Ophthalmology is the study of what ...

The term 'Steeple Chase' is associated with which of the following games ..

Neraly 80 percent of sugarcane in India is planted during ...

Which part of our body is affected in AIDS ?


Here is the General Awareness test no 4 to gain your knowledge .It comprises of all the subjects .These questions are correct as per my understanding but if you find any mistake please let me know .If there will be any explanation available i will surely add that .


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