Software Testing

Requirements Specification, Planning, Test case Design, Execution,

Bug Reporting & Maintenance This Life Cycle comes Under

..... testing comes under black box testing

Software testing which is done without planning and Documentation is known as

Acceptance testing is known as

Unit Testing will be done by

Optimization, Defect Prevention, and Quality Control. Its come under the

Beta testing will be done at

------------- means under what test environment(Hardware, software set up) the application will run smoothly

How severely the bug is effecting the application is called as

It measures the quality of processes used to create a quality product.

It is a system of management activities,

It is a preventive process, It applies for entire life cycle & Deals with Process.

It is a set of levels that defines a testing maturity hieraecy

Which Software Development Life cycle model will require to start Testing Activities when starting development activities itself

A metric used to measure the characteristic of the methods, Techniques and tools employed in developing, implementing and maintaining the software system called as

Conducted to validate that the application, database, and network they may be running on can handle projected volumes of users and data effectively. The test is conducted jointly by developers, testers, DBA’s and network associates after the system Testing called as

Quality plan describes the quality procedures and standards that will be used in a project.

The name of the testing which is done to make sure the existing features are not affected by new changes

The process that deals with the technical and management issues of software development called as?


What are the Testing Levels?

You can develop a reasonable riogorus test by using certain black box oriented test-case-design methodology

1. Equavalence Partitiong

2. Boundary value analysis

3. Cause effect graphing

4. error guessing

5. statement coverage

6.Decision Coverage


This test is to test the knowledge of software tester, QA and people involved in testing of Software Services.Person should have basic knowledge of testing to take the test.Freshers can also take up the test to judge their knowledge in the field.This will help them in gaining more expertise in the field.



Testers also do Unit testing.
Example: Check the filed level validations...i.e. Password field must be 8 characters

850 days 21 hours 39 minutes ago


Unit testing is done by Developers and not Testers

2040 days 16 hours 3 minutes ago

Arunodaya Saha

The answer for the 5th question is wrong - Unit testing is done by Developers and not Testers to check for their code is working correctly according to the requirement.

2482 days 9 hours 57 minutes ago

Priya j

Q.5-unit testing will be done by developer

2497 days 20 hours 53 minutes ago

Test: 1

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