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Which ancient Indian mathematical work deals with Geometry and in particular, the construction of alters?

Tagore was the first Asian to win Nobel Prize for literature. The second Asian to win Nobel prize for

literature belongs to which country?

The 99th Indian Science Congress was recently held in

Who is the manufacturer of Rafale Fighters

Identify the Padma Vibhushan Awardee among the following which was announced on the eve of the Nation's 63rd

Republic Day?

Who is not the member of SAARC?

Which of the countries is not the member of Nuclear Suppliers Group?

Who was the Chief Guest Of 63rd Republic Day Celebrations?

Novak Djokovic of Serbia won the 2012 Australian open men's singles final.This was his.

A non violent revolution called velvet revolution and whose hero was Vaclac Havel took place in 1989 in


All General Knowledge based questions usefull for competitive exams. For the purpose of adding new content to your your knowledge.This will help you gaining more things and help you practice for your exams.
One will know about the things as he will answer.As we always feel we know many things but we tend to forget or we are unaware of many things that are going around the world.
The questions are mixed and shall help for aspiring students.



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