AIEEE 10 standard Physics question-- Level 1 Online Test

10. A fish looking up through the water sees the outside world in a circular horizon. Refractive index of water is 4/3 and the fish is 12 cm below the surface, radius of this circle in cm is,

9. A moving coil galvanometer has 150 equal divisions. Its current sensitivty is 10 divisions per milliampere and voltage sensitivity is 2 divisions per millivolt. In order that each division reads 1 volt, the resistance in ohms needed to be connected in series with the coil will be

8. The figure shows a system of two concentric spheres of radii r1 and r2 and kept at temperatures T1 and T2 respectively. The radial rate of flow of heat in a substance between the spheres is proportional to

7. A smooth block is released from rest on a 45 degrees incline and then slides a distance d. The time taken to slide is n times as much to slide on rough incline that on a smooth incline. the coefficient of friction is

6. An annular ring with inner and outer radii R1 and R2 is rolling without slipping with a uniform angular speed. The ratio of the forces experienced by the two particles situated on the inner and outer parts of the ring, F1/F2 is

5. A projectile can have the same range R for two angles of projection. If t1 and t2 be the time of flights in two cases, then the products of the two time of flights is proportional to

4. A particle is moving eastwards with a velocity of 5m/s. In 10s the velocity changes to 5m/s northwards. The average acceleration in this time is

3. A car starting from rest accelerates at the rate f through a distance S, then continues at constant speed for the time t, and then decelerates at the rate f/2 to come to rest. If the total distance traversed is 15S, then

2. The relation between time t and distance x is t= ax^2+bx where a and b are constants. The acceleration is

1. Out of the following pair, which one does not have identical dimensions is


These are the questions of level 1, given from various past papers of AIEEE. Each question carry 3 marks..if you score 20 atleast, you will reach to round 2.. mind that -1 marking is there for each wrong answer.. These question will help you to improvise your standard for the AIEEE exams... I will be giving you more questions if you cross this level... new questions will be updated on every thursday.... tabtak...all the best.... :)

Test: 1

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