Test your C Programming Skills

void main() { int a=10,b=20; char x=1,y=0; if(a,b,x,y) { printf("EXAM"); } } What is the output?
XAM is printed
exam is printed
Compiler Error
Nothing is printed
#include void main() { char letter =`Z`; printf(" %c",letter); }
Garbage value
Array passed as an argument to a function is interpreted as
Address of the array
Values of the first elements of the array
Address of the first element of the array
Number of element of the array
main() { char thought[2][30]={"Don`t walk in front of me..","I am not follow"}; printf("%c%c",*(thought[0] 9),*(*(thought 0) 5)); } What is the output of this program?
k k
int **array2 = (int **)malloc(nrows * sizeof(int *)); Don`t walk in front of me
I may not follow
What is the output of the following code? # include # define a 10 main() { printf("%d..",a); foo(); printf("%d",a); } void foo() { #undef a #define a 50 }

A sample test for testing your C programming Skills


Suchismita Adhikary

I didn't get the logic of the question number 5.. can you please expailn??

234 days 21 hours 1 minutes ago

Ch Shahzaib Khan

i am beginner i want to learn its basic

255 days 8 hours 50 minutes ago

Marko Cvejic

can you explain me question number 5? Thanks.

363 days 6 hours 39 minutes ago


This is a joke. Question 4 does not compile.

372 days 7 hours 40 minutes ago

Ahmed El-Barani

I am a beginner programmer ! i'd like to know what's differences b/w template and class ?

423 days 16 hours 56 minutes ago


void main()
char name[5][8];
int i=0, marks;
printf("enter student name:\n student marks:\n");
scanf("%s %d",name,marks);

please tell the output imeddetly

430 days 17 hours 10 minutes ago



430 days 17 hours 12 minutes ago

Rohini Varma

the quiz is quite interesting....but i didnot understand 4 th question..of this test...is any one there to help me in understanding the solution to that question..please comment below

431 days 14 hours 20 minutes ago


i want to make a program that takes as input1 n objects. Input2 is m,the number of objects you want to arrange out of n. The output is the number of ways in which these m objects can be arranged

472 days 18 hours 16 minutes ago

Aswath Babu


483 days 14 hours 42 minutes ago

Zubair Masoodi
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