General Awareness Online Test

The great ocean liner,known to be the best and luxurious during her times,sank in the year ...

If a body is thrown with a velocity of ....kms per second from the surface of the earth,it would never come back ,

Which of the following contributes maximum to the Central Tax Revenue ?

Kathakali is a classical dance from :

Who is the first Indian to receive the victoria cross ?

Who is authorised to transfer the Judge of one High Court to another High Court ?

In which game the court is not rectunglar ?

What will change if the light enters from air to glass ?

The caste system was developed by ?

First Commonwealth games (1930) were held at :

Who was the first indian to receive the World Food Prize ?

The hero of the play cried in the end, "Et Tu, Brute!" and died.Which is the play and who is the author ?

"Mask Dance " (Mukhota Nritya) is related to which dance form ?

Gandharva Veda is the upveda of which Veda ?

If the Rupee becomes stronger vis-a-vis the US Dollar,then....

Indian Standerd Time is in advance of the Greenwich Mean Time exactly by ....

Which one of the following is generated as a pollutant by thermal power station ?

The judicial appointments,below those of judges of High Court etc,are made by ...

Who is known as the first programmer ?

Video Ram is there in the....

The President can legislate on the subjects listed in ....

The origin of river Satluj is ....

Lakshadweep Islands are the product of ...

Why is there less gravity on the moon than on the earth ....

How much would you weight on moon ?

For what purpose Anemometer is used for ....

What is the synonym of Languishing ?

What is the antonym of corpulent ?

Blood pressure in human body is controlled by ....

If air is called dust ; dust is called cloud; cloud is called rain; rain is called white; white is called blue; blue is called green ;then what is the colour of sky ?


Here is the second General Awareness test to gain your knowledge.
It comprises all subjects .I have tried to maintain accuracy of the questions ,if there is any mistake please let me know.I will really appreciate that . I have also enabled time mechanism as it is most needed when you are in the exam hall .



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