TESTS in Physical Education

Frady test is associated with

Knox test is associated with

Cable tension test is used to measure

Number of items in kraus-weber tests are,

Physical fitness index can be computed with the help of formula

(Push up + Pull ups) 9 (W + H - 60) This formula is used for

Twelve minutes run and walk test is used to asses

"Miller wall volley test" is a test of

Tennis skill is measured by

Which of the following tests measures cardio-respiratory function?

Soccer skill is measured by

Cooper's 12 minute run/walk test measures

Kraus weber test is used for measuring

Tests are

Warner test of soccer skill is used to measure

Dyer test is associated with

Oregon cable tension test is associated with

Blood pressure is measured by

The harvard step test is to measure

Kelly's test is associated with

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The main goal of the test is to help students in starting life-long habits of regular physical activity.....
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