General Awareness Online Test

The official mascot of London Olympic Games 2012 is :

Sound travels faster in solids than in gases, because:

Which waterway seperates India from SriLanka?

Which color of heat radiation represents the highest temperature ?

Aurangzeb sentenced to death the Sikh guru ....

What is the antonym of "Hypocritical" ?

What is the synonyms of "Vicissitudes" ?

Diesel Engine was Invented by ?

Study of fungi and fungus diseases is called ?

Indian Constitution is ....

A bill passes by the Parliament would become a law when .....

Which type of emergency has been declared for a maximum number of times ?

How many times has the national emergency been declared by the President ?

The first book was printed in India in the year 1561.Its name was ...

In which Year 'Nobel Prizes' were instituted :

"Ashes" is the name of a series between which countries ?

The first country in the world to use Internet for voting is :

Speed of sound waves is maximum in ?

Salal Hydro Electric Project is situated on the river ?

Dailysis is used to perform the fuction of :

"Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink" who stated these lines in a poem ?

Bihu festival is celebrated in ?

This bomb is used to destroy living beings but would not damage the buildings and other property :

"Blue Dwarfs" are :

Which one of the following dances involves solo performance ?

URL is an abbreviation for ?

Police (including railway and village police) is an item of ?

Which Indian state has a seperate Constitution ?

Sir Robert Clive first came to India as a clerk of the East India Company but he commited suicide in 1775 because ....

The Astronaut travelling in space find the color of sky ....

Which is more elastic Steel or rubber ?

The first animal to be cloned was ...

The colour of the black box of a plane is ?

Who governs the Union Territory ?

Who is the highest Legal officer of the Government of India ?

Who is the Attorney General Of India ?

Who is the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of india ?

Pellagra is a disease which is caused by deficiency of ....


This is the test to check your General awareness .These question are objective type questions .Questions can be on GK ,history ,economics.Science,English ,etc .You have to mark one out of four as your answer .You can later review your marks obtained and watch how well you have done


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