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In an experiment, the variable that is controlled or manipulated by the researcher is called the __________ variable.

A researcher wants to see if a protein-enriched diet will enhance the maze-running performance of rats. One group of rats is fed the high-protein diet for the duration of the study; the other group continues to receive ordinary rat chow. In this experiment, the diet fed to the two groups of rats is the __________ variable.

The case study is a research method in which the investigator

High scores on variable X are associated with high scores on variable Y and low scores on variable X are associated with low scores on variable Y. Hence, the correlation between variables X and Y will be

If a test accurately measures what it was designed to measure, we would say that the test is

Which of the following describes single-blind experiments?

In what type of study does a researcher study an individual subject in depth?

How can we determine if a test has good validity?

How can we determine if a test has good reliability?

What is the difference between the highest and lowest scores in a data distribution called?

The social desirability bias can affect which of the following?

Which of the following is a research method that allows a researcher to get information about a large number of subjects relatively inexpensively and easily?

What is a common way of controlling extraneous variables in an experiment?

When doing research involving deception with human subjects, researchers have an obligation to do which of the following?

The score at the middle of a distribution is called the ___________.

Josie is using a new testing instrument to measure behavior. The first time a participant takes the test, they receive a score of 25. The second time they take the test, they score a 12. Josie administers the test a third time and the participant receives a score of 38. Based on these scores, the new testing instrument has

In an experiment, researchers wanted to learn the effects of television viewing on grades. Researchers discovered that as the number of hours spent watching television increased, grades decreased. This study is an example of what type of research method?

Out of the following correlations, which indicates the strongest relationship?

Which research method is most appropriate if you are looking for a cause-and-effect relationship?

If we rate the difficulty of this quiz by choosing one of the five options very difficult / difficult / about right / easy / very easy, the data we generate will be an example of the ________ scale of measurement.

If we were to classify our quiz respondents according to whether they were taking psychology in Dr. Aruguete's class or taking psychology in Dr. DeBord's class, then this would involve measurement on a(n) ____________ scale of measurement.

Which of the following is a measure of dispersion?

When the results of a test are found not to be significant

Which of the following properties is characteristic of a normal distribution?

Which of the following is NOT true of correlations?

Thirty children were selected at random from among all the 300 children in years 4 and 5 of a junior school (aged 8 or 9). All the children were observed at play and rated by the observers for aggressiveness. Matched experimental and control groups were formed by randomly selecting one of the two most aggressive children for the experimental group and placing the other in the control group. Then the next two most aggressive children were similarly allocated to the two groups, and so on. For three months, during one lesson at the school each day, the experimental group were shown children's films with aggressive and violent content whilst the control group watched nature documentaries. At the end of the three month period all the children were again observed at play and their aggressiveness rated. The experimental children were found to be more aggressive in their play at this time than were the control children (p < 0.01).

The independent variable in this study is

The random selection of children from all the 8- and 9-year-olds could best have been achieved by:

Researchers wanted to look at the effects of caffeine on memory in adult males. 50 subjects were recruited from the student population of a sixth form college to participate in a two-part study. In part 1, subjects were given a cup of decaffeinated coffee, and twenty minutes later were given a list of 50 words to read. After four minutes they were required to hand back the list. They then had three minutes to write down as many words as they could remember from the list. Their recall score was measured in terms of the number of words they correctly remembered, and was thought to be parametric data. In part 2 the procedure was the same except that subjects were given a cup of coffee containing caffeine and were given a different list of words to recall. After analyzing the data, it was found that caffeine had a detrimental effect upon recall from word lists.

The design of this experiment is:

The artificiality of laboratory research is a major negative factor in naturalistic observation.

The placebo effect refers to the bias created when a subject is aware of the expected results or has ideas about his or her expected performance.

The placebo effect refers to

While a case study can provide a lot of qualitative data, it lacks the ability to gather generalizable quantitative data.

Which of the following is a nominal variable?

Professor Shipley developed a NEW test to measure IQ. He claimed that using his test,

someone with an IQ of 180 would be considered twice as intelligent as someone with an IQ of 90 and that

someone with an IQ of 90 was three times as intelligent as someone with an IQ of 30. Shipley's test treats IQ

as a(n)

Professor Tyler believes that her measure of authoritarianism is valid after finding that it varies, as predicted

by theory, with child rearing practices and voting behavior. Tyler is relying on a ___________ approach to


Professor Duncan administered a questionnaire containing the following items:

Please tell me how you feel about your supervisor's leadership style on the following three items:

valuable ---:---:---:---:--- worthless

easy ---:---:---:---:--- demanding

critical ---:---:---:---:--- uncritical

In general, as sample size increases

You are doing research on hospital personnel--orderlies, technicians, nurses, and doctors. You want to be sure

you draw a sample that has cases in each of the personnel categories. You want to use probability sampling. An appropriate strategy would be

You want to examine the relationship between family size and family cohesion. You use as your sample all

the students in your research methods class. What kind of sampling design are you using?

Police Officer Rob has been selected to bring down one of Miami-Dade's toughest street gangs. The gang is known for relentlessly stealing candy from little kids, while throwing old ladies off of moving buses. Officer Rob has been tasked with the mission of infiltrating the gang by going undercover and becoming one of the gang members. Knowing that he will eventually be forced to steal candy from little kids too one day, in order to gain trust with the gang, Officer Rob decides to agree and take the mission on. For the next 3 years, Officer Rob will be

In a study of effects of alcohol on driving ability, the control group should be given

In an experiment to find out if taking ginseng increases IQ scores, the IQ scores would be

The statistical technique that combines results of a large number of studies is called

The chief function of the control group in an experiment is that it

A researcher determines that the crime rate in a large city fluctuates with the phases of the moon. He concludes that the gravitational pull of the moon influences human behavior. He has committed what error?

A researcher studied the effect of defendant gender (male-female) and type of crime (robbery-embezzlement) on juror decisions. How many conditions are in this study?

Participants gave longer sentences for embezzlement than robbery, regardless of gender. This implies that there was a:

The effect of motivation depended on whether there was a clear standard for excellence. This sentence implies that there was a(n)

An example of a Non-Manipulated variable would be

A 5 X 6 factorial design results in _____ combinations.

In a case in which there is both a main effect and an interaction, it is important to

Dr. Vickman conducted a __________ factorial design to examine the effects of music and room temperature on participant's memory. Participants were randomly assigned to study a list of nonsense words either listening or not listening to music in either a warm or cold room.

In a factorial design, a main effect is the __________.

If the lines are parallel in a graph for a two-way factorial design, there appears to be __ .

Which of the following questions would best be addressed using a nonequivalent control group design

Keeping the study brief might reduce the threat of

While examining the effectiveness of a new police program to decrease street crime, laws are changed regarding the definition of different crimes. The change in law affects how crimes are recorded. Which threat to internal validity is a probable concern in this research?

Mrs. Curtis gives workshops on child care. The Human Resources Department of a large city hires her to give a workshop to the residents of a low-rent "project." The records for the past several years indicate that in each year there had been a high incidence of child abuse referrals from the project. After Mrs. Curtis gives her workshop, however, the frequency of child abuse drops abruptly. For the next two years, the child abuse rate remains at less than 30% of the previous high rate. The Human Resources Department considers the Curtis workshops to be quite successful. What research design was used to evaluate the Curtis workshop?

Professor Sanchez gives his students a pretest on their knowledge of contemporary literature. He then provides an eight week unit on the topic. At the end of the eight weeks, Professor Sanchez retests the students and finds that their knowledge of contemporary literature has increased. He concludes that his unit caused this improvement. Which of the following statements is the best evaluation of Professor Sanchez's study?

Which of the following research designs has the most threats to internal validity?

(Where "X" is the application of the Independent Variable and "O" is the measurement of the Dependent Variable)

A set of exact procedures that represent particular variables is called a(n)

One of the limitations of the survey method is

One of the limitations of the case study is that

A common sense approach to psychology is

Which of the following statements best describes the characteristics of the repeated measures design?


This exam should cover a large enough amount of material for everyone to go over and refresh themselves on everything you have studied over the past 16 weeks.

I am so very proud of you all!!!! You guys will do great!!!!!
And don't forget to go over the objectives for each chapter. If you can answer/summarize each objective- well then my dear, you are GOLDEN


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