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Program errors are known as ____________, and the process of detecting and correcting these errors is called ______________.

C is invented in the year______

Which of the following editor is most often used to edit the ` C ` programs?

Which of the following is not programming language?

A complier is a________ .

Which of the following languages is suited for business appilications?

An _______ is an integral value used to access an element in an array.

What is the output of the following code:

void main()


int n;




__________is used to determine the order in which different operators in a complex expression are evaluated

When an ` if..else ` statement is included within an ` if ..else ` statement , it is known as a _________.

void main()


int i=10;



What will be the output of the sample code shown above ?

Which of the following is the correct output for the program given below



void main()


float a=0.7;







What type of error is reported upon execution?

void main( )


int a;




The language like BASIC, C, FORTAN & PASCAL are the examples of _____________

Which of the followings is a program planning tool?

Which of the following statement is true?

1. Every program is an algorithm.

2. Every algorithm is a program.

Flow chart help for _________ .

Which of the following statements determines if the contents of string1 are same as contents of string2 ( Where string1 and string2 are well formed strings.) .

The _________ format specification is used to write a long integer variable

Which of the following statements are true for the following Pogram?


void main()


int x=10, y=100%9;





In code shown below , which is the line that contains an error ?

1. int fun(int x, y)


3. int z;

4. return z;

5. }

Which of the following operator is used to write expressions in ` C ` ?

11. What does user manual provide?

Documentation is any communicable material (such as text, video, audio, etc., or combinations thereof) which ____

05. Comments are _______________.?


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