Current Affairs Test for Bank PO / Clerical Exam : 14

As per the figures released recently the per

capita income` in India has increased by

approximately- -

The revenue generated by the change in the rate of education cess will be utilized to fund which of the following sectors! segments of education in India ?

Which of the following committees has recommended that a part of foreign exchange reserves should be used for infrastructural development?

As a general principle of economics it is said that growth is a function of investment. But to sustain growth it is not enough that country has a high investment rate only. It is also needed that investment has to be-

Many a times we come across a term ‘DDT’ in the financial} economic transactions. What is the full form of the same ?

As per the news in the leading •newspapers Government of India is in process of the establishment of ‘SROs’ for various market participants in the capital market. What is the full form of ‘SROs’ ‘? .

As per the data released recently by various agencies the direct taxes contribute to how much percentage of central revenues ? Approximately-

As per RBI directives which of the following functions cannot be outsourced by the banks ?

In one of his speeches the Finance Minister of India quoted a famous statement of one of our Great leaders of yesteryears. The quote is– “Everything else can wait but not agriculture.” The statement is taken from the speeches/writings of-» `

As a rough estimate the farm sector provides livelihood to how many families in India ? Approximately—


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