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So stubborn ___, that nobody liked him.

I should not be disturbed under ____ circumstances.

Nowhere ____.

Only when he died, ___ he had been seriously ill for a long time.

They turned the music down, only when ____.

_____ to the cinema.

____ home late, please, don't wake me up.

Under no circumstances ____ unlocked.

Not even once ____ by plane.

As soon as she got a divorce, ____.

Unless ____, you will never know.

Only by shouting, ____ to get her attention.

Only when she said she'd come, ___.

Not until ____, _____ this room.

____ the company had enough money, I wouldn't have offered to fund the project.

____, I would insist on being served first.

____ that everybody laughed for ages!

That joke ____!

Jason doesn't like fish. ___.

No sooner had they built the bridge ___ it collapsed.

___ my handsome man!

_____ such an interesting film!

____ to such a beautiful place!

____ on any account.

On no account ___.

In vain ____ her every single day.

"I love you!", ___.

So tired ____ that he went to bed without brushing his teath.

Little _____ about this issue.

Not only _____ well educated.

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27-30 correct answers -->B2 level
20-26 correct answers -->B1 level
10-20 correct answers -->A1 level
1-10 correct answers --> Beginner

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