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One fifth of all the publications from Japan are...

What does the letter J stand for in the name of Hrry Potter author J.K.Rowling?

Which Premier League football team were originally called Dial Square?

Which country won the first Eurovision Song Contest?

The American State of Louisiana was named after which french King?

Which is the capital of Albania?

How many stars are there in the flag of New Zealand?

Which are the two official languages of Finland?

Which country's flag was the first to be flown at the South Pole

Which of the followings is not a member of the pop group Westlife?

There are two families of owls - the true owls and ...

Which is the national symbol of Albania?

Which car manifacturer produce a model called Primera?

In internet terminology what does the letter P stand for HTTP?

Sildenafil citrate is commonly sold under which following names?


This is a test that includes interesting facts and general knowledge that anyone should know.
It has questions about nature, human, geography...etc
It has random questions that maybe you didn't know before. '
This is my firs test. I hope everything goes well and you like it.

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