Messiaen Quiz Online Test

Messiaen’s father was . . . ?

Which of the following taught Messiaen at the Paris Conservatoire?

Which of the following works was NOT written by Messiaen?

Where was “Quatuor pour la fin du temps” written and premiered?

Which of the following was a source of inspiration for Messiaen’s works?

Messiaen was a founding member of which group?

Messiaen utilized “nonretrogradable” rhythms.

Which of the following did NOT influence Messiaen’s musical style?

Which of the following represents the structure of “Vocalise pour l’ange qui annonce la fin du temps”?

What is the title of Messiaen's only opera?


A quiz on Olivier Messiaen as pertaining to material from the Ashby Musical Enterprises course, History 3. History 3 meets the requirements for the Royal Conservatory of Music Examination System as well as the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program.


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Scott Ashby
RCM Music Theory Instructor
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