The Causative Form Online Test

I ____ my washing machine repaired tomorrow.

Tara and Jane must be at the hairdresser's right now. ______.

I _____ .

______ yet?

Why _____?

That's where I usually ____.

I think you ____.

Since you cannot clean it by yourself, why _____?

They decided ____.

I ____.

I ___ the day we first met.

We need ____ before July.

_____ is tiring.

How long will it take you ____?

When ____?

They _____.

I think ____.

I can _____ for you if you like.

Are you going to ____?

I think you should ____.

This speech-to-text gadget ____.

Could we possibly ____ in time?

I like ____.

When did you ____ delivered?

I will ____ by the end of the day.

Who ____ this morning?

I need someone to _____.

How often _____?

He said he ____.

____ is probably the best way to relax.

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Answer 30 multiple choice questions in 17 minutes and find out what level you are in.

27-30 correct answers -->B2 level
20-26 correct answers -->B1 level
10-20 correct answers -->A1 level
1-10 correct answers --> Beginner

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Ariadna Paoletti

La prueba de 30 preguntas ayuda a reforzar diversos temas, de verdad me agrado mucho. Gracias!

464 days 10 hours 1 minutes ago

Amy K.
Imagination is more important than knowledge! Einstein
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