She couldn't go, ____?

Jamie's car is really fast, ____?

You don't know that, ____?

Let's look it up in a dictionary, ____?

We can be happy, ____?

Let's try again, ____?

Mark will invite her, ____?

You are afraid of spiders, ____?

Try harder, _____?

Nothing can be worse than this, _____?

You haven't called her, ____?

She's been working there since 2010, ____?

Please, talk to me, ____?

You will never get satisfied, ____?

They had arrived before I did, ____?

You are the owner, ____?

I'm not that wise, ____?

There is some truth in it, _____?

I'm perfect, ____?

Stop shouting, _____?

She didn't call you last night, ____?

He should let me try, ____?

How old could she be? She's 35, ____?

You like tea, ____?

He doesn't need me any more, ____?

Nobody knows, ____?

There is no sugar left, ____?

You're not thinking about it, ____?

Mark and Sam are married, ____?

He's been missing for ages, ____?

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27-30 correct answers -->B2 level
20-26 correct answers -->B1 level
10-20 correct answers -->A1 level
1-10 correct answers --> Beginner

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