The Imperative Form Online Test

_____ watch the football match on TV.

Please, ____ stay in the sun all day long. You will get burnt.

Let's ___ cook today. We can have some salad instead.

Don't ____ to her like that! It's really rude!

____ you please close the window? It's getting really cold.

You like it and it's really cheap. Well, I think, you ____ buy it.

Would you mind ____ me with the washing up?

____ like that. I'm not deaf! ...I can hear you!

Why ____ them to lunch on Sunday?

_____crying! I said I'm sorry!

____help her if she askes you to.

____that, will you?

He said to me, "Don't you dare...!". What did he mean by that?

____ in touch.

OK. Let's ____ it!

Let's ___ about it any more.

- Oh, Mary, I really need your advice.

I'm bored. ________________


Do you think I should take these pills?

Please identify the following:

"Stop it!"

Please identify the following:

"Just turn left at the traffic lights."

Please identify the following:

"Could you hold the line, please?"

You should try harder.

Please identify the following:

Why don't you put some more sugar in it?

Please identify the following:

"Can I borrow your car?"

You should exercise more often.

Please identify the following:

"Let's sing a song."

Please identify the following:

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Please, identify the following:

"Put all your eggs in one basket."

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Answer 30 multiple choice questions in 17 minutes and find out what level you are in.
27-30 correct answers -->B2 level
20-26 correct answers -->B1 level
10-20 correct answers -->A1 level
1-10 correct answers --> Beginner

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