Relative/ Interrogative Words Online Test

- ______ is it?

- Oh, it's not far at all!

I'm not sure _____ it takes but I guess it will take me at least 3 hours.

____ idea was it?

____ did you do that?

Call me ____ you are in town.

She was wearing an expensive dress _____ was designed by a very famous designer.

The food ____ she cooked today was delicious.

The food ____ she cooked today was delicious.

The place ___ we live is near the University.

He was so young and handsome ____ we first met!

I think I know ____ you mean.

Just tell me ____ you lied to me.

I like the green one. ____ one do you like?

____ was he with?

_____ does it cost?

____ did you have to wait for him?

_____ does this word mean?

_____ heavy is it?

_____ shall we meet?

_____ book is this?

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The vocabulary which is used in this test is of an intermediate level so that you can focus on your grammar knowledge.
You are given 30 seconds for each question- plus 2 extra minutes for the whole test.
You will have to answer 20 questions.

Are you ready?

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