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The creation and analysis of optical illusions involve mathematical and geometric principles, such as the proportionality betweent the areas of similar figures. Optical illusions and their effects are often created through careful physical attributes, such as a nonstandard use of perspective, distored angles, DECEPTIVE shading, unusual juxtaposition, and color effects.

The word DECEPTIVE in the passage is closest in meaning to

The Seneca Falls Convention, held in 1848, started the woman's suffrage movement in the United States. A "Declaration of Sentiments," which called upon women to organize and to PETITION for their rights, was passed. However, one controversial resolution, calling for the right of women to vote, narrowly passed. The ridicule of that provision of the Declaration caused many backers of women's rights to withdraw their support later on.

The word PETITION in the passage is closest in meaning to

Space law is concerned with the proper uses of outer space. The most important treaty of space law was the 1967 Outer Space Treaty. It stated that the moon and all other celestial bodies were to be free for exploration and use by all states and their signatories. It also recognized that weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, were to be FORBIDDEN in space.

The word FORBIDDEN in the passage is closest in meaning to

It is a common misconception that the U.S. Congress has the constitutional power to legislate nearly anything for the general welfare. The Constitution gives Congress many powers, but it does not give Congress the power to legislate freely for the general welfare. In many instanc es, the Congress cannot force the states to abide, although it has the power to TEMPT states by the offer of money. Congress may try to cause the states to do something by means of offers of subsidies or grants, but it cannot compel them to accept the incentives.

The word TEMPT in the passage is closest in meaning to

Due to the ASTOUNDING progress of integrated-circuit technology, an enormous number of transistors can be placed onto a single integrated-circuit chip. The first commercially successful microprocessor chip had only 4,800 transistors, but the newest chips now have 2,300,000 transistors.

The word ASTOUNDING in the passage is closest in meaning to

Deer populations have grown dramatically in the northeast United States in the last 20 years. Many residents are happy to have deer in their communities, but many others see them as a menace. Deer often host insects that carry disease, wander into traffic, cause automobile accidents, trample lawns, and eat flowers. Therefore, many residents are DETERMINED TO restrict their movements, fence them out, or even eliminate them altogether.

In stating that many people are DETERMINED TO eliminate the deer, the author mean that they

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