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1. Over the years, investigators have evaluated the local folklore of areas where sightings of the CELEBRATED Abominable Snowman have been reported. The same scientists have collected phyiscal evidence, such as footprints, body parts, and photographs, but this evidence remains unconvincing. In 1960 the renowned mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand conducted an investigation of the reports of the creature, but found no evidence of its existence.

The word CELEBRATED in the passage is closest in meaning to

2. Exercises that demand total body involvement improve and maintain fitness. The most effective way to feel more mentally alert and ENERGETIC is to engage in aerobic activity at least three times a week for thirty minutes. Such activities may include jogging, running, swimming, dancing, and fast walking.

The word ENERGETIC in the passage is closest in meaning to

Most people do not appreciate the importance of packaging. Packages maintain the purity and freshness of their contents and protect them from elements outside. If the contents are harmful, corrosive, or poisonous, the package must also protect the outside environment. A package must identify its contents, which facilitates DISTRIBUTION of the product.

The word DISTRIBUTION in the passage is closest in meaning to

6. Recent polls suggest that fewer people see an ADVANTAGE IN moving to the city than they used to. There was a time when cities attracted country dwellers like powerful magnets: cities had more jobs, better schools, more services. Today, people often see pollution, crime, stress, and unemployment where they once saw opportunity. Instead of advantages, they see disadvantages in uprooting their families for the uncertainty of urban life.

In stating that fewer people see an ADVANTAGE IN moving to the city, the author means that fewer people

4. A CONTEMPORARY issue among psychologists is the activation or cause of emotion, its structure or components, and its functions and consequences. Each of these aspects can be considered from a biosocial view. Generally, biosocial theory focuses on the neurophysiological aspects of emotions and their roles as organizers of cognition and motivators of action.

The word CONTEMPORARY in the passage is closest in meaning to

5. The early artists of the Hudson River school were Thomas Doughty, Asher Durand, and Thomas Cole. They found the wilderness in the Hudson River valley APPEALING. Although these painters studied in Europe, they first achieved a measure of success at home, and chose the common theme of the remoteness and splendor of the American interior.

The word APPEALING in the passage is closest in meaning to

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