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1. A customs union is an organization of AUTONOMOUS countries that agree that international trade between member states is free of restrictions. They place a tariff or other restriction on products entering the customs union from nonmember states. One of the best known customs unions is the European Common Market, formerly called the European Union.

The word AUTONOMOUS in the passage is closest in meaning to

The search to hide natural body odors led to the discovery and use of musk. Musk is a scent used in perfumes. It is obtained from the sex glands of the male musk deer, a small deer native to the mountainous regions of the Himalayas. The odor of musk, penetrating and PERSISTENT, is believed to act as an aphrodisiac. In animals, musk serves the functions of defining territory, providing recognition, and attracting mates.

The word PERSISTENT in the passage is closest in meaning to

Until the late nineteenth century all rubber was extracted HAPHAZARDLY from trees found in the jungles of South America. It was expensive and the supply was uncertain. However, during the 1860s the idea of transporting rubber trees to the British colonies in Asia was conceived. This led to the larger-scale cultivation of rubber trees on organized plantations.

The word HAPHAZARDLY in the passage is closest in meaning to

Some animals' coloration uses bold, DISRUPTIVE markings to scare predators. Other animals have color patterns that blend with their surroundings. Such coloration serves for protection, to attract mates, or to distract enemies. Called cryptic coloration, it uses the animal's living place, habits, and means of defense. Cryptic coloration may blend an animal so well with its environment that it is virtually invisible.

The word DISRUPTIVE in the passage is closest in meaning to

Cognitive approaches to therapy assume that emotional disorders are the result of irrational beliefs or perceptions. The mind may interpret an event as scary or calming, happy or sad. The emotionally disordered person may perceive ADVERSE events as personal failures. Cognitive psychotherapies seek to make the patient aware of the irrationality of this perception and to substitute more rational evaluations of such events.

The word ADVERSE in the passage is closest in meaning to

Increasingly, authorities are uneasy about teenagers who drive while talking on the telephone. For many, phone use and driving are perfectly compatible; others are more easily distracted, especially while listening to music. The growing number of accidents associated with phone use also supports this claim. Many communities now DISAPPROVE OF these phones so much that they have forbidden anyone of any age to use them while driving.

In stating that many communities now DISAPPROVE OF these phones, the author means that they

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