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Which of the Following is not correct regarding Mahatma Gandhi Setu (Bihar):

(1) It is the Biggest River Bridge in India

(2) The cantilever segmental construction method was adopted to construct the bridge

(3) Direction of the bridge is North-South

On which river India's first hydroelectric project was started in 1902?

What is the name of the first test tube baby in India

Indian Postal System was established in tenure of which Viceroy/ Governor-General?

Nohkalikai waterfalls which is the highest plungtype waterfalls in India is situated in

National Sanskrit Vidyapeeth is situated at

As per 2011 census, which State has the highest sex ratio in India?

How many Industries in India require compulsary licence?

In which year was the National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (under NAREGA) started?

Who is the Chairman of the Thirteenth Finance Commission of India?

On 25th October 2011 RBI increased the Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate each by 25 basis points.

After this increase Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate stood at _____________

The Constitution of India comprises of _____________

Indian National Flag "Tiranga" was adopted as national flag on___________

What was the main recommendation of Dhar Commision (S. K. Dhar ,1947-48) ?

Which committee gave recommendations for three tier Panchayati Raj Institutions?

Which is the brighestest star visible from the earth?

Venus is also known as________

The National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) is a project aimed at enhancing the resilience of agriculture through development and application of improved production and risk management technologies.

Which agency is promoting this project?

Which of the following is not an alloy of copper

Which of the following is incorrect about Coal:

(a) It is a fossil fuel

(b) Lignite is a type of coal

(c) Hit's Law can be applied to determine the quality of coal

(d) Its an allotrope of Carbon


The purpose of the test is to enable you to test your general awareness in real time situation. The questions will cover History, Indian/Global Polity, Science, Geography, Current Affairs, Sports. The test will comprise of 20 multiple choice questions. Maximum time limit is 20 Minutes. It is a public test you are requested to attempt as well as suggest others to attempt as well...
Your valuable comments/suggestion are most welcome...
I will try to improve and to come up with better and better tests.

Kalpesh Pimpalkhare
IAS Aspirant
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