Chemistry 15th group elements online test

The no of P-P bonds in H4P2O7 & P4O6 is respectively

NCl3 + H2O =NH3 + x What is X

Which of the following cannot form compounds M4O10

The no of P-O bonds & lone pairs in P4O6 molecule is respectively

The neutral & acidic oxides of Nitrogen respectively are

The hydride used in Holme's signal

Ortho phosphates are identified in the qualitative analysis by the formation of

Assertion (A): The ability of VA group elements hydrides to donate electron pair decreases on moving down the group.

Reason ( R ) : As size of central atom increases, delocalization of electron pair increases.

Incorrect statements about phosphorous molecule are

i) P - P -P bond angles are 60°

ii) It has Tetrahedral structure

iii) It contains 4 P - P bonds only

iv) It is less reactive then Nitrogen molecule

The number of P - O - P bond present in P4O6 & P4O10 respectively are

Moist ammonia cannot be dried by using

In correctly matched set for hydrides of 15th group element

The oxy acid of phosphorous which has more non ionisable hydrogens

List – I List - II

1. H4P2O7 A. p - p bond is present

2. HPO2 B. Dibasic acid

3. H3PO3 C. Mono basic acid

4. H4 P2O6 D. P - O - P bond is present

E. Tribasic acid

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shouldn't the ans of que 3 be option B as on ncert ????

2314 days 19 hours 40 minutes ago

Joshna John

The hydride used in holmes signal is NH3.

2324 days 25 minutes ago

Joshna John

I have confusion in question number 7... Please explain......

2324 days 27 minutes ago

Lasya Reddy

I frequently write the same exams for practice but the next times answers are being changed...! please take care of that

2676 days 13 hours 53 minutes ago

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