Current Affairs Test for Bank PO / Clerical Exam : 12

Who was the Prime Minister of Britain when India got Independence?

The Acharya who established “matths” in all the four corners of India

Sir C.V.Raman was the first Nobel Laureate in Physics from the Indian Sub-continent.Who

was the second?

Free India’s First Education Minister was

Who was the first Viceroy of India ?

The servants of India society was founded by

Under whose Vice Royalty was Tipu Sultan Defeated

The famous”Al-Berauni”is associated in Indian history with

Battle of Buxar was fought in the year

Kalidas was the court poet of

Oscar Awards are given for the excellence in the field of -

Union Budget always presented first in -

Mahmood Ahmadinejad who was in India on an official visit recently is the -

India recently started "Maitree Express" to which of the following destinations ?

The first ever General election took place in which of the following countries in Indian sub-continent ?


Test prepares a students for General knowledge questions for banking exams viz. Bank PO / Clerical Exams. Numerous Indian banks are conducting Bank Clerical Examinations and Bank PO exams and General knowledge and General Awareness forms a major part in almost all competitive examination, including bank tests. Here are some of the most commonly expected general knowledge questions and answers for Banking Exams.


Kadamso Maru

some of the anwsers are wrongly stated. exg: maitree express was railed between india and bangladesh

2856 days 21 hours 7 minutes ago


its very old

2945 days 14 hours 30 minutes ago


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