Who is the first Indian scientist to receive ''Bharat Ratna'?

Who is the first woman to climb "Mount Everest"?

Whois the first man to go into space?

Who is the first chinese pilgrim to visit India?

Who are the first men to reach North and South pole?

What is the old name of ''PRAYAG"?

What name is given to the collection of geese?

Which of them is called "The Island City" in India?

Where is "ROCK GARDEN" situated?

Which of the following country is famous for its beautiful ''BALOSHOI BALLET"?

To which country "THE LEANING TOWER" name given?

Which Indian industrialist made his first solo flight from KARACHI to MUMBAI in 1932?

Whose signature do we see on a 10 rupee note?

Who was the tutor of ALEXANDRA - THE GREAT?

Which British Prime Minister retired in July 2007?


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